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Is your Business’s Reputation Important to you?

The fact is in today’s online world, protecting your business reputation is not an option but a must. The good news is that due to advances in technology protecting your business’s reputation is affordable and easy.

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Managing your Reputation is Easier than you Think!

There are elements of life that we only have one of. Life itself is an example and Reputation is another.

Great businesses are losing market share and customers due to…

Negative online comments and reviews. In the past 24 months, Smart Phones have changed the fortunes of businesses everywhere. Consumers now use the internet to scan review sites prior to making decisions on who they’re going to do business with.

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Imagine a restaurant that spends 20 years building a stellar reputation. They establish themselves as the in place to go for an evening out. The owners however have the false belief that their business’s reputation is bullet-proof. So they don’t bother to monitor or check online reviews and comments.

One bad employee, in just one evening, significantly damaged that 20 year reputation. On the night in question several customers had a poor dining experience due to the actions of just one waiter. That waiter’s service was bad enough that one patron wrote a scathing review and posted it online.

Unfortunately the owner of the restaurant did not have a real time, online comment and review monitoring service. If he did, it’s possible that the situation could have been dealt with within moments of review being posted.

The bad employee continued to deliver bad service undetected. More negative comments were posted, over the coming weeks, business and sales dropped and for the first time in years there were open tables on a Friday night.

The owner knew something was wrong and started to investigate.

He was shocked by his discovery.

He found more than 50 negative reviews and comments all stemming from the actions of just one employee. The resulting negative reviews cost the restaurant tens of thousands in lost revenue and a loss of reputation and credibility.

Most people avoid confrontation.

review resolutionThe internet gives the meek the opportunity to be heard. Most people avoid conflict and confrontation. Online review sites empower those that normally won’t speak up. That’s why review sites like Yelp have millions of people reading comments and reviews. Ask yourself this; If you were looking for a restaurant while on vacation and went to a review site to check out two fine dining establishments. One had positive reviews and the other several negative reviews. Which one do you choose?

This business’s loss was easily preventable

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Real-Time Reputation monitoring is not only affordable and easy to manage, it’s a tool that when used properly will actually become a customer lead generation tool. Businesses that use Real-Time Reputation monitoring gain new customers and increase revenues.

Reputation Shields offers business owners a Free guide to Managing Online Reviews and Comments.

Businesses both large and small have to keep up with innovation and trends. Reputation Shields gives business owners tools that will

  1. Show business owners how to check online reviews and comments for free, it also provides business owners with a Free Guide Online Reputation Management Time Saving Tips. Reputation Shields 
  2. Real-Time comment and Review monitoring Reputation Screen
  3. Reputation Resolve is a  Reputation Management platform that Actively manages online comments and reviews and encourages your customers to write positive reviews all on autopilot.
  4. Reputation Local Score is a Free service that allows a business to check their current online business reputation status.

Are you willing to invest $3 per day to protect your Business’s Reputation?

No then at least take action and follow the two free steps to protect your business’s online reputation. If you’re like the majority of successful entrepreneurs / business owners you answered yes. The fact is regardless of your answer, you can start protecting your reputation right now for free.

Free Easy Steps to Protect your Business’s Reputation RIGHT NOW!

  1. Reputation ShieldsClick here to get your Free Guide and watch the how to check your online reputation video
  2. Click here to get a current comprehensive Reputation Local Score report

Smart business owners are proactive not reactive. Protecting your business’s online reputation has never been easier and more affordable. Take action, protect your most valuable asset, your Business’s Reputation.

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