How to use social media to gain new customers and revenue

socialmedia-300x250.pngIncorporating socialmedia into your customer acquisition strategy is smart business. You’ll gain more new customers, increase revenue and get greater results for every dollar spent on advertising. Socialmedia and social media blogs all offer social media tips. By far the number one tip is to incorporate social media marketing into your business’s marketing, promotion and advertising campaigns.

How to use social media to your business’s advantage?

How-to-use-social-media-270x300.jpgStatistics show that more than 60% of consumers conduct a social media search when looking for goods and services. If a negative social media review is posted about a business, the influence of that negative social media review can have a devastating effect. In fact eight of ten people that find a negative social media review, will choose not to do business with a company that has negative social media reviews. Socialmedia influence is growing stronger each and every day.

The good news is that it’s easy to use social media as a powerful marketing tool.

To understand to power and influence of social media take a moment and watch this short video. You’ll learn how to increase sales, gain new customers and improve your social media reputation just by investing a few dollars a day. It’s said that knowledge is power. Imagine the advantage that you’ll gain over your competition by being the first to know and use this cutting edge technology.


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