Good Reputation Management Software Automates the Process of Getting Positive Social Mention

Online Reputation Management generates more revenue than traditional advertising

Social-Mention-300x204.jpgThe world has changed. Traditional advertising methods no longer produce the results that they once did. Newspapers are folding, advertising on the radio no longer produces the results and television advertising has been decimated due to the introduction of streaming services like Netflix and other ad free streaming services.

How does a Reputation Management Strategy generate sales and revenue?

Online-Reputation-Management-300x275.pngHow many of your friends own a smartphone? If you live in the United States it’s virtually everyone. Smartphones are used by an ever growing number of consumers. They use their smartphones to find consumer goods and services. Not only are consumers using their smartphones to find good and services, they’re also checking the suppliers online reputation, they look for social mention. If a consumer finds a potential vendor via an advertisement and they check that vendors online social mention status and that has a negative review, they’re likely going to choose another vendor or supplier.

On the other hand if they find a vendor and check that vendors social mention status and it’s positive, they’re far more likely to patronize that vendor.

Example Vendor A Restaurant: Advertises in a newspaper and does not have an ongoing reputation management strategy.

social-mention-300x255.jpgIn this example we’ll assume that

  • 100 people see the vendors ad
  • 62 of the hundred use their smartphone to check their social mention status

The consumer discovers that there is virtually no social mention of this restaurant or that the social mention status is negative. The result a majority of the 62 people decide to go to another restaurant.

Example Vendor B Restaurant: Advertises in the same newspaper and uses Reputation Management Software

review-management-300x169.jpgIn this example we’ll assume that

  • 100 people see a similar ad to vendor A’s
  • 62 of the hundred also use their smartphone to check this restaurant’s social mention status

This time the consumer sees a high volume of positive social mention. The reputation management software generates a custom social mention page for this business that includes many positive reviews and includes hours of operation, and other basic information on their business. The end result is that of the 62 consumers that checked this vendor’s social mention status that major decided to patronize this business.

Automate Review Management

Watch this game changing video on how this amazing Reputation Management Software works. You’ll not only automate your business’s review management, the software will automatically help you get positive social mention, maintain social mention directories and notify you of your business’s online reputation.

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