The common Lie Realtors are Told

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How to be a Real Estate Agent Success Story

Becoming a Real Estate agent puts you on the path to an above average lifestyle and income. Regardless if you’re a new Real Estate Agent or have been in the industry for a while you need to be the focus of your marketing not the Real Estate company. Of all the Realtor tips that you may read, realtor branding is the area that should be your number one priority. It’s Real Estate Basics 101. Focus on creating your brand.

Real Estate public relations for the New Realtor and the Experience Realtor

The must watch how to be a Real Estate Agent Success Story Video

The common lie that Realtors are told is to use the Real Estate companies site. There’s a reason this is pushed hard by Real Estate companies. They want the good agent tied to them.

Face it you’re the star of the show.

You make the sales. You do the open houses. You have the relationship with the client. So as the Star of the Show it’s important that you’re front and center.

Watch the video that will push you to the top of your local real estate market.

Real Estate Basics starts with your image as a Realtor

If you’ve been a Realtor for a while then check your Reputation Local Score it’s Free and a great starting point. To get to where you want to go you need to know where you’re at now. It’s simple real estate public relations.

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New Real Estate Agent Advice

How to be a Real Estate Agent starts on day one by branding yourself. The good news it’s affordable and very effective. Realtor Branding is very important. The good news is that if you’re just becoming a Real Estate Agent the chances are that you can leapfrog ahead of established Realtors. The reason why is that a lot of established Realtors rely on the marketing of the past and they believe that word of mouth will keep them at the top. They are wrong and the video you just watched explains why. Using modern real estate marketing tools and real estate seo can and will push you ahead of established realtors. Real estate agent advice is everywhere, realtor tips are too. The fact is that in today’s world a new Realtor and Established Realtors that don’t embrace the concept of Realtor Branding will  in the very near future disappear. You need to be the head of your own real estate public relations team.

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how-to-be-a-real-estate-agent-300x225.jpgYou’re thinking! “That’s great but, I just want to Focus on being a Realtor, what else can I do with this valuable information”?

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Becoming-a-real-estate-agent-1-244x300.jpgYou’re just starting or want to update your old out dated non-mobile friendly website? We’ve got you covered!

All websites are not created equal. 90% of websites don’t get viewed. When we design websites for a Realtor, we do so knowing the purpose is to create local awareness and new customers that lead to new listings. To create a website that attracts new customers you need to add the right ingredients. Online marketing for Realtors includes key words. This is all part of the marketing for Realtors concept. Think of your website as the number 1 tool for marketing your Realtor Brand. With so many using mobile devices to find Realtor, your website must be mobile optimized.

There are a lot of things you need to consider when selecting a company to design your website.

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