Public relations news

What-is-public-relations-restaurant-300x200.jpgRestaurant owners, Plumbers, Chiropractors, Realtors, Dentists and other small and medium sized businesses now have a cost effective way launch a public relations campaign. Until now only big businesses could afford to have the services of a public relations specialist.

What is public relations?

Public-Relations-Specialist-300x212.jpgIn the past a public relations specialist put their focus on the media. To be great at their job a public relations specialist needed connections to the press. Using press releases, media contacts and other public relations strategies they would point the press to their clients business. This created awareness, sales and profits for their clients. The challenge was this was out of the reach of small and medium sized businesses.

The new public relations!

public-relations-300x218.jpgThe internet changed the job of public relations specialists forever. Today a public relations specialist has to work with and be able to influence social media. Comments and reviews posted on sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Yelp can have a positive or negative impact on a business. In fact the public relations specialist today needs to have an easy to use strategy that can help their client control and deal with online comments and reviews.

The video that’s making public relations news…

Traditional public relations firms don’t want their clients to see this video. It demonstrates a system that’s affordable, effective and takes complete control of social media. It works for any business that has a website and customers. Most importantly businesses that use the system demonstrated gain significant increases in customer satisfaction and revenue.

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