How to Market a Restaurant to Profitability in 60 Days or Less

Opening-a-restaurant-300x200.jpgRestaurant Marketing

Having a Restaurant Business plan when opening a restaurant is a step in the right direction and shows that sound management is in place. Often missing from a traditional restaurant business plan is incorporating a solid online restaurant marketing strategy.

market-restaurant-300x200.jpgYou can double or triple your business and improve your restaurant branding with this

The fact is too many people are sold restaurant marketing ideas that will never work. The reason they won’t work is that no foundational marketing report or analysis of that marketing report was done to form the basis of a recommendation. In other words you have to know whats working now and what needs to be adjusted. The only way to do that is to have a comprehensive report created that will provide you with that data. The question that’s often asked is why don’t restaurant owners commission a report. The simple answer is that consultants often charge $250 – $500 just to create the report.

The Good News for Restaurant owners is you can produce a detailed Reputation Local Score Report for FREE!

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What’s Your Local Score?

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We work with a lot of successful restaurants. Watch our Restaurant Marketing overview and learn what you can do to increase sales, attract new customers for a fraction of the cost of our competition.

opening-a-restaurant-300x241.pngCongratulations on producing a report that gives you the information on how to market a restaurant

you’re now is possession (Assuming you’re an action taker and have produced your FREE Reputation Local Score Report) of information that you need to make the adjustments to draw in new customers, increase sales and revenue.  Having this information is valuable regardless if you’re opening a restaurant or have an established restaurant.

You’ll be able to adjust your restaurant business plan and make changes to your restaurant marketing strategy, restaurant branding and even incorporate new restaurant promotion ideas in the most cost effective way.  The information in your report answers the question how to market a restaurant.


restaurant-marketing-300x200.jpgYou’re thinking! “That’s great but, I just want to Focus on running my restaurant, what else can I do with this valuable information”?

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Marketing-for-restaurants-300x225.jpgYou’re just starting or want to update your old out dated non-mobile friendly website? We’ve got you covered!

All websites are not created equal. 90% of websites don’t get viewed. When we design websites for a Restaurant, we do so knowing the purpose is to create local awareness and new customers. To create a website that attracts new patrons you need to add the right ingredients. Online marketing for Restaurant includes key words. This is all part of the marketing for Restaurants concept. Think of your website as the number 1 tool for marketing your Restaurant. With so many using mobile devices to find a place to dine your website must be mobile optimized.

There are a lot of things you need to consider when selecting a company to design your website.

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