Chiropractic Marketing Must Focus on Chiropractic Review Management

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Chiropractic Medicine helps people alleviate pain. Prospective patient’s want to know that you can help them alleviate their pain. What resources does that prospective patient have to determine your competency of you Chiropractic services? Answer: Online reviews.

Example: A Woman in her mid 30’s tweaks her back while out playing tennis with a friend. Hunched over and in pain, she comes to the conclusion that the pain is so intense she needs to see a Chiropractor. She immediately goes to her smartphone and Googles the term Chiropractors. Up pops the results. What’s her next step? 71% of the time she looks at reviews of the Chiropractors listed. Even though your practice is at the top of the search results, she decides to go to the 3rd Chiropractor on the first page of Google. Why did she choose another Chiropractor and bypass your practice?

She went to a your competition because that Chiropractor had several 5 Star patient reviews and you had none. In real terms that means that 71% of the time the prospective patient doing an online search is going to make their final decision based upon the number of 4 and 5 Star Reviews. Do you have a review management strategy for your practise?

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Here’s Good News for Chiropractic Marketing

Reputation Resolve is the world’s most Affordable, Automated Review and Reputation Management system. Reputation Resolve is so efficient and effective at automating your Chiropractic practices, review management efforts that not only do most Chiropractors report a positive return on investment within 60 days or less, they also report that the longer they use Reputation Resolve the stronger the effect and the more patients they get.

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Investing in the Reputation Resolve system will put you ahead of 90% of the Chiropractors in your community.

Generally speaking Chiropractors that invest in a Reputation Resolve review management strategy enjoy a greater ROI (return on investment) than most other forms of advertising and promotion. More importantly the effects are ongoing and long lasting. Compare that to a newspaper ad or radio that you have to constantly change, manage and invest. In today’s online world your Chiropractic Marketing plan must put reveiw management at the top of the marketing list.


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