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Reputation ResolveToday a Business’s Reputation is the number 1 factor in determining a business’s success in attracting new customers. The element that has the greatest effect on your business is online Reviews. The quality and quantity of online Reviews will cause your business’s Reputation to either rise or fall. The way to improve your business’s Reputation is to have a steady flow of 4 and 5 Star Reviews posted by your customers. If you’ve owned or operated a business during the past 2 years you know that this is easier said than done, that is until now.

review managementLead Lures flagship product Reputation Resolve is the world’s most Affordable, Automated Review and Reputation Management system. Reputation Resolve is so efficient and effective at automating your business’s review management efforts that not only do most businesses report a positive return on investment within 60 days or less, they also report that the longer they use Reputation Resolve the stronger the effect.


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Investing in the Reputation Resolve system will put you ahead of 90% of the businesses in your community.

Generally speaking businesses that invest in a Reputation Resolve review management strategy enjoy a greater ROI (return on investment) than most other forms of advertising and promotion. More importantly the effects are ongoing and long lasting. Compare that to a newspaper ad or radio that you have to constantly change, manage and invest.


A Great Business Starts with a Great Business Reputation!

Do you believe your business has a great Reputation? Can your business be easily found?

If you answered yes, are you guessing or do you know? Most business owners guess and sadly most are wrong.

Stop guessing! Take advantage of our FREE Reputation Local Score Service


Reputation Local Score

Hello my name is Dori O’Neill.

Online Reputation ManagementFor the past 35 years we’ve helped businesses like yours, improve sales, improve business reputation, increase customer retention and improve customer loyalty. This is accomplished by using the easy to use, affordable, online reputation management strategies and our exclusive Reputation Resolve system. Using the Reputation Resolve automated system, your business will enjoy an increase in sales, and leap ahead of your competition simply by deploying the Reputation Resolve strategy.

There’s no reason to guess what your business’s Reputation Local Score is. You can run a Reputation Local Score report right now. When you run a Reputation Local Score report you’ll get a comprehensive guide that will show you what your customer see and how easy it is for customers to find your business. You’ll find out if your business is registered properly with Google, Bing and Yahoo and other local directories. Businesses that are not properly registered don’t get properly listed on search engines and that means they can’t easily be found. You’ll also get your business’s reputation local score as part of the report. The big benefit for you is that you’ll know exactly what’s working well and what’s not.

Reputation is the cornerstone of every successful business

A business’s reputation is the cornerstone for a long term successful business. Lead lures are proud to offer a comprehensive, affordable, array of products designed to maintain, enhance and protect your business’s reputation while increasing sales and revenue..

Lead Lures offers

A complete and comprehensive array  of products to put you business on the path to a highly visible local presence that will build and maintain a strong reputation and a loyal customer base that will patronize your business for years to come.

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Reputation Local Score

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If you’re interested in more information on how our system will help your business increase sales, gain new customers and create a local buzz all you need to do is enter your Business name and zipcode into the Reputation Local Score form above. Obtain your report. That report will provide the information required to know where your business is at now and what’s needed to take it to the next level.

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